Need a Little ‘Side Hustle’

Did you know that less than half of Australian workers are not happy in their current job? … and what is more alarming is that only a small percentage are actively looking for a job!

That’s the consensus of a study undertaken by SEEK.

They tend to stay in their job because of external pressures like paying the mortgage and meeting monthly living expenses, but two-thirds of Australians value happiness at work over money.

It is understandable that the monthly expenses of looking after you and your family do add up but why do so little people seek to change their circumstances?

Is it fear of change and the unknown?

Is it the lack of confidence of going through a recruitment process?

Is it the low confidence that they can’t see how their skills can translate to a new role?

What ever the reason, a sure-fire way to increase your income and happiness, and avoid those fears, is through a side hustle.

As said in an article by Mike Templeman on, there are six reasons a side hustle is needed to give you an outlet for your passion. It will give you more enjoyment in your day job, it will give you more freedom, make you more creative, allow you to network and meet new people and (with the extra dollars) it will provide relief from some financial pressure, thus making you happier.

The good thing about a side hustle is that if it is something you are passionate about, in the beginning, while you are starting out and slowly growing the income, you will be more likely to continue it as it what you enjoy doing. The longer you continue at it, the higher the potential things will snowball, to a point where you can become an expert on the subject and there is the chance it can replace your full-time job.

Imagine that? The fact is, you don’t need too. People are already changing their lives with side hustle!

Need more of a push? Just look up #sidehustle on Twitter and see for yourself.

Simply by adding an hour to your daily routine of focusing on the side hustle can exponentially better your life. Here are some examples you can employ straight away.

A search through the internet for ‘side hustle’ will give you so many ideas, however, the key is translating a way of ‘doing what your passionate about’ is finding a way to monetise it.

A lot of businesses that have started from a side hustle usually do so because there is an unaddressed frustration or problem they have encountered when pursuing their passion. When talking to others who have the same passion, it is found out that they too share the same frustration. It is from here, that one can work on providing a solution to this problem, and in doing so, give more value to the customer and ultimately lead to a successful business.

Over time you will become an expert in the field. From there, you can provide this expertise to others. Whether it is teaching it online through a blog that can be monetised and/or developing online courses or classes in person. The important thing here is not to give up on what you enjoy doing. It is understandable that between maintaining family commitments, work and social life, your time will always be limited but if there is something you are passionate about, you will discover that the time is there.

So, the real question to ask yourself is: If you are spending most of your day in a job working on someone else’s dream, why not spend a little time working on your own?

Article by Ilario Scali

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