Water skiing accident benches PAFC’s star midfielder

A water skiing accident near Mannum left Port Adelaide Power’s seasoned midfielder and captaincy contender, Ollie Wines, ‘likely’ benched early in the 2019 season.

Wines dislocated his rightsholder on Saturday while being towed behind a speedboat, and while the surgery for the injury was ‘routine’, recovery time was expected to exceed Round 1 – at a minimum.

General manager of football Chris Davies said the typical recovery period was between eight to 10 weeks, but he was optimistic and cautious regarding Wine’s recovery.

“He’s had a history of being able to push through pain in his rehab and his body responds well,” he said.

“We’ll take the next couple of weeks to let Ollie recuperate then we’ll make some decisions on when he comes back from there.”

Wines underwent an arthroscope early this morning, stablising the joint and incerting “a couple of staples in there”.

While the offseason injury has put a damper Wine’s preseason, Davies says the injury could of been much worst if the cercumstances were slightly different.

“It’s probably the best outcome we could’ve hoped for based on the fact he dislocated his shoulder,” he said.

If a reconstruction was required, Wines could have been out for four plus months, Davies said.

“He was fortunate to be seen at a hospital at Mannum pretty quickly and the guys were able to get it back in in a relatively routine-type fashion.”

Wines had been an adequate wakeboarder and water-skier since the age of six and has never sustained an injury while undertaking the sport.

“It was an unfortunate incident and hopefully I can get it repaired pretty quick,” Wines told Channel Ten.

Source: AFL.com.au

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